to EuroJobs Company,



 with its headquater in Budapest, Hungary and its branch in Arad, Romania.


 The EuroJobs International Recruiters offer You carefully selected workforce directly from the East European  source for the European Market.


 EuroJobs is an authority in the field of European workforce recruitment, with more than 10 years  of service.

 We offer You a complete set of services of the highest quality. 

Gabriela EuroJobs.jpg

My tears made me stronger!


Ms. Gabriela N.

International Clients & Contracts Department

I, personally, have been through HELL to be the Assistant for You as I am Today...

My work offered me posibilities for personal and professional change which I took...

...all my tears and struggle made me the Assistant You can trust on!

Since 2009 in our Team!

Ildiko EuroJobs.jpg

My workflow is like the Niagara Falls!


Ms. Ildiko R.

International Coordination


My workflow is like the Niagara Falls... endless flow of work to be done.

No I don't complain...if it were different I would dispair but to feel the pulse in our Team is exciting and always a challange.

Since 2009 in our Team!

Gabriel EuroJobs.jpg


Mr. Raul Gabriel N.

General Director

I lived 22 years in Austria, where I had the priviledge to learn and live in a beautiful culture.

In Austria I worked for Bertelsmann and got there a very deep understanding of Qualitative Sales!

In 2008 I returned to my homecountry and I layed the first foundation for the now Europeanwide known EuroJobs Company.

No, it wasn't easy!

Now I coordinate all our business and branches all across Europe.


I am proud of my Team, I see my Team as my Family.


Everyone's development throughout the years made us an effective Team!

Layed the foundation in 2008!

Zoltan EuroJobs.jpg

I am proud to be me!


Mr. Zoltan L.

International Coordination


I am the coordinator of the departures of all employees and I enjoy every day our recruiting atmosphere, our dedication and the freedom of work we provide to thousands of Candidates all across Europe!


I am proud of our Company! 

Since 2009 in our Team!

Ioana EuroJobs.jpg


Ms. Ioana M.

Head of International Clients Romania Department

I am known to put all my energy into my work, my results always proove that. 

I love all the candidates I am in contact with, I know everything about them and that's a fulfilling feeling!

Since 2012 in our Team!

Madalina EuroJobs.jpg

Happy to be part of the EuroJobs Team!


Ms. Madalina M.

International Clients


I have learned recruiting personel in Bucharest, Romania for 4 years.

I moved to Arad where I begun working at EuroJobs...only now I truly understand what real recruitment means.

Our Team is absolute crazy...we recruit with passion and pleasure...

I am happy to be a part of the EuroJobs Team!

Since 2017 in our Team!

Gordanka EuroJobs.jpg


Ms. Gordanka N.

International Clients & Contracts Department

I lived for more than 20 years in Sydney, Australia before returning back to my homecountry.

All I am, all I have learned throughout my business career in Sydney I happily apply at EuroJobs.

I enjoy my work, negotiating and assisting all of my clients.

Since 2016 in our Team!

Ines EuroJobs.jpg


Ms. Ines N.

Assistent Manager and Administrator

I was born to be the most dedicated assistent manager in the world. 


My commitment to my work, my Team and my superior is my daily motivation.

I truly respect all our clients and all our candidates but I also expect this respect to be valued.

This is me!

Since 2009 in our Team!

Edith EuroJobs.jpg


Ms. Edith N.

Head of International Clients

Hungary Department

I have learned to change...It was the hardest thing for me to realise!

Working in human resources meant for me that I had to face my fears and to overcome them to be a professional recruiter as I proudly am today!

Every candidate is MINE, MINE ALONE!!!

Since 2009 in our Team

Your Advantages

We offer you complete services.

All of our recruiters are happy to help in every situation, and as we know, working with people, offers us a lot of


different situations to deal with...this is what we love, it's always a new challange :)

Our values are the foundation on which we build.

We endeavour to offer the best experience while working with us.

We protect your business the same  we protect our business.

We absolutely LOVE to recruit!

Try Us! Our recruiters are dedicated to every project, we love that every new customer is a challange to proove ourselves.

We are happy to have You as our client!

EuroJobs Recruitment Company KFT, Budapest Hungary